Bette Davis Historical

May 14, 2020

This one of a kind, 88-year-old historic beach front home was built for legendary film actress Bette Davis.
The initial problem with this project was the existing heating/cooling system – it was quite uncomfortable and so under-ducted that one of the gas fired furnaces overheated to the point of setting off the home fire alarm. Under these conditions, the existing heating/cooling equipment could not be repaired. After completion of the surgical renovation work, the home is now as comfortable as Ms. Davis once envisioned years ago.

The pre-existing heating/cooling system had actually triggered the fire alarm several times due to an inadequate duct system that regularly pushed the heating and cooling equipment well beyond factory design capability.

After a carefully planned demolition, Mayo Mechanical installed a new Lennox Elite 2 stage gas furnace and matching cooling coil into the 1929-sized mechanical space, about half the size of a small reach-in closet.

A proprietary Lennox Harmony III zone dampener control system was added to the Elite furnace affording independent upstairs and downstairs thermostatic control for comfort and temperature control.

We’d like to think that even Ms. Davis would have been pleased.