Villa With A View

May 14, 2020

This Southern European style villa with a spectacular 180° view of the foothills hosts an outdoor pool area with an encircling deck patio.

This high-capacity hydronic, boiler-driven snow-melt adaptation uses encased VHO aluminum heat transfer plates with INFLOOR hydronic radiant tubing encased in a stone setting mortar bed below the stone slabs for quicker responding and even warming temperature across the pool deck and surrounding patios.

Three independent deck warming zones surrounding the pool allow for silent and invisible morning and evening use all year round. In addition to the hydronic boiler and radiant deck warming components, this radiant heating mechanical system was configured to utilize wasted heat generated from an on-site natural gas driven fuel cell electric generator.

Take a look at some of the components that make up this silent and invisible poolside VHO radiant deck/patio warming system.