Why pick a radiant system

Find your thermal zen with a custom designed radiant heating and cooling solution. Radiant systems, also known as Floor heating, are a step-up in home and commercial heating & cooling.

Five key benefits

  • Effortless
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe & Comfortable
  • More Design Freedom
  • Works with any Floor Covering
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Radiant systems are virtually maintenance free and can take advantage of today’s Smart thermostats to automatically ensure that your heating runs in the most efficient manner.

Energy efficient

Radiant systems can save up to 30%* on heating costs.  Heating from the floor up provides uniform warmth across the whole space with the additional benefit of no cold spots.

It's a state of being

Thermal comfort is the state of being you reach when you are completely satisfied with your thermal environment. Not too hot, not too cold and just right!

Design & space freedom

Because radiant systems are built into flooring they no longer take up valuable floor and wall space with vents or other apparatus. You’ll be free to fully design your space the way you want.

Works with any floor covering

With radiant systems you’re free to choose the type of floor you want. Radiant systems work well with tile & stone, carpet, wood & laminate, and vinyl.

Stay safer & healthier with a radiant system.  No more worrying about burns on a hot furnace or radiator.  Air quality also stays high because heat is generated from the floor up and rises naturally.